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tanglesheep gang

Welcome to, where we’re all about the love and care of animals. Our small family farm specializes in the care of Ouessant sheep, goats, wild birds, hedgehogs and guinea pigs. It all started in 2013 when we brought home our first sheep, and we’ve been growing ever since, all thanks to my wife’s unwavering passion for animals.  To make sure everything was well monitored, I set up cameras in the barn. Over time, I expanded the system to include wild birds. And then I had an idea: why not share this live stream with the bitcoin community so they could feed our animals with cryptocurrency? In the fall of 2019, I joined and created the channel Now, viewers can not only support our animals, but also feed them with bitcoin and Twitch Bits. At, we believe that every animal deserves to be loved and cared for. Whether it’s our Ouessant sheep, goats, wild birds, hedgehogs or guinea pigs, we make sure they get the best care possible. Our journey started with just one sheep, but now we have a whole family of them and we couldn’t be happier. We’re not just a farm; we’re a family of animal lovers dedicated to changing the world, one animal at a time. So whether you’re a bitcoin enthusiast or just an animal lover, we invite you to join us on You’ll get to see our animals up close and personal, and you’ll have the opportunity to support them in a unique way. We can’t wait to see you!