Hi, here I would like to describe how whole project works and some details of it.

Feed sheep with IOTA  is similar  thing like you are feeding animals in zoo or zoo corners. There are small machines where you can buy some kind of sweets for animal and feed them.

You will send small amount of IOTA token to address which will activate remote dispenser via Odroid(similar to RPI) and this will drop granule from dispenser. Process is  real time only if nobody send IOTA more than 15 min otherwise there is always 15 min time interval between feeds and you can see count down for next feeding on video. You are feeding live animals (not crypto kitties πŸ™‚ ) and it can happen you over feed them without feed delays. Once IOTA balance is confirmed on tangle your nickname will appear on video and dispenser will drop granule or you will have to wait when next feeding time starts.  We also ring a tone to notify sheep, that somebody feed them right now and you are able to watch them, of course this will not work in all cases πŸ™‚
There can be many feeders in same time, they will be counted together not like queue.

Current/last feeders = feeder/feeders who activate dispenser last time

Next feeders = all feeders who will become current feeders once next possible feeding time starts

Feeding Hours:  8:00  – 19:00 CET 

How it is work:

  1.  Click  feed me button
  2. Fill your nickname , copy your Iota address or scan QR  and then click finish.
  3. We will check balance and once balance is confirmed your nickname will appear on video among Current or Next feeders.
  4. Feeding starts  immediately (Feed right now ) or  at exact time written on video. Immediately in case nobody fed longer than 15 min.
  5. We have Beeee sound notice when dispenser starts. You don’t need to watch video until tx confirmed. Video has around 15s delay since sound notice.
  6. Now you can watch happy sheep how they eat


Q : What happen if my balance is not confirmed before next possible feeding time?
A: Don’t worry you will appear on video during another possible feeding time once your balance is confirmed on tangle.

Q: What happen if i send iota out of feeding hours ?
A: Your feed request will be processed on immediately on feeding hours open. So you will have to wait when feeding hours starts. Its good to send IOTA always during feeding hours.

Q: Will sheep died if nobody will feed them ?
A: No sheep can’t die as they have normal food besides granule feeding πŸ™‚

Q: Can i use different crypto /fiat than IOTA to feed?
A: No only IOTA lovers can feed sheep πŸ™‚